3 best hobbit house models to build in Minecraft 1.19 update


Minecraft allows players to do so many things, most clearly seen in the building aspect of the game. much less than in the real world), they can be reproduced quite well.

This often inspires artisans to recreate their favorite objects. It may be their childhood home or a park they played in. It may be the setting for their favorite movie or book. It could even be from another video game.

The the Lord of the Rings franchise is among the most popular of all time. Because of this, a lot of things translate into the real world. Maybe it’s the Gates of Durin, the Eye of Sauron or something else.

A Redditor created a LOTR-themed Redstone door (Image via u/DesignMinion, Reddit)
A Redditor created a LOTR-themed Redstone door (Image via u/DesignMinion, Reddit)

Most often it’s a structure, like a castle or something from the vast examples in book and film form. The Hobbit houses lend themselves particularly well to Minecraft and will be suitable for version 1.19.

minecraft x the Lord of the Rings: Wonderful hobbit house designs

3) Azalea bush decorations

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Several blocks added in recent updates allow for exquisite hobbit hole decorations. Chief among them could be azalea bushes, admittedly hard to find.

They are skillfully used here to decorate the exterior of the hobbit’s house. A key aspect hobbit holes share is that they are usually quite hidden.

Hobbit holes are built into the side of a mountain or hill, so they are covered and not visible from anywhere. They also require a lot of space, so visitors are shocked at the actual size of the tiny house.

This type of Minecraft hobbit house can be built into a hillside or covered to make it look like it’s on a hillside. Either way it will work for a good hobbit hole.

2) Covered hobbit hole

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This type of hobbit hole is much easier to make. Since it’s not as hidden, it requires fewer blocks and less difficulty.

Such a hobbit hole doesn’t even have to start on a hillside. The great thing about this specific house is that it looks like a normal house pushed into the lot. The hill is sloping above this, but this can be done by hand to reduce the amount of terraforming required.

Adding grass blocks, grass, flowers, and trees above the hobbit house is a great way to incorporate it. Spruce wood is used in this video, but any wood, even brand new mangrove wood, can be used effectively.

1) Natural light

A hobbit hole (Image via Planet Minecraft)
A hobbit hole (Image via Planet Minecraft)

One of the hardest parts of building a hobbit hole is the lack of light inside. Lanterns can be used for lighting and decoration as they maintain the middle-earth vibe that the builder usually desires. However, these aren’t cheap to make, and the torches don’t look as good.

A simple way to alleviate this problem is to use glass blocks on the facade of the house. Most houses have windows for this purpose, but a Minecraft hobbit hole is not most houses.

The glass allows users to have natural light during the day and can have red stone lamps or a few lanterns for the night.

The only challenge for a house like this is a door, but players can place it in the middle of two large glass windows on either side.

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