4 Best Advanced House Designs for Minecraft in 2022


Building a house is one of the most fun things to do in Minecraft. It’s important because it’s the base and where most of the game plays, but making it complex, huge, or otherwise more detailed is usually just for fun. Having a huge house is not tactically better but cooler.

That being said, there are plenty of ways to create a more detailed and advanced build. Designs vary from player to player, but here are some design ideas to try for a more advanced house.

More Advanced Design Ideas for Minecraft Houses

4) Driveway

One thing that can set a house apart from others is the use of realistic features. A driveway is one of the best ways to do this.

It can be a simple driveway with a roundabout in front of the house, but a fountain or other centerpiece (perhaps a statue) can be installed for more advanced builds. It will all add up to make a very nice build.

3) Connected home

hi this is my minecraft house it has a bedroom, a workshop and a greenhouse all connected by a bridge that leads to a lighthouse because i get lost easily. https://t.co/S1sNWUPaHe

A house doesn’t have to be just one building. In fact, the most advanced builds usually have multiple buildings that serve different purposes. There can be a storage house, a house to enchant, and more. Connecting these houses in some way can make a huge difference.

2) Underground Bunker

Although these are not seen as often, underground bunkers are some of the more advanced designs for homes. It’s not easy to get everything underground, and it takes a lot more work. However, it’s definitely more rewarding, and if done right, it’s a lot cooler than most above-ground homes.

1) Castles

Building the castle (Image via MinecraftHytale on Twitter)
Building the castle (Image via MinecraftHytale on Twitter)

For anyone who wants to do advanced builds, castles are some of the best. They are difficult to build. They are also amazing and breathtaking when done right. They require a lot of materials and time to build and are honestly easier in Creative. Still, it’s the top of the mountain for advanced Minecraft builders.

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