4 Most Secure House Designs in Minecraft 1.19 Update


Houses are incredibly important in Minecraft. Most players load into the world, do a bit of resource gathering, and then start building their house. This is where they rest and store their items, so a voucher is almost mandatory. Any type of house will do, but the strongest ones will last and have more impact.

There are houses that can be built to withstand anything. Offensive and defensive houses can be built from the start, but this is not always the case. Instead, there are ways to make any home safer and more secure.

This can be especially important in PvP worlds, so here are some methods to make any Minecraft home more secure.

Ways to turn any house into a safe fortress in Minecraft 1.19

4) Booby Trap

Redstone can craft any type of trap. A great example would be a jungle temple. Anyone who enters the area risks being shot with multiple arrows. It’s rudimentary, but all kinds of traps can be set up to protect a house and make it safer.

A pit can be built with plungers so that anyone who enters will have the ground removed from under them. If it’s deep enough, they’ll either be trapped forever or they’ll die.

Explosive traps, projectile traps and more can be constructed with redstone to make even the most basic home much safer. Additionally, redstone objects such as Pressure Plates, Sculk Sensors, Tripwire Hooks, and more can be used to set off a trap for any unsuspecting visitor.

3) The secret entrance

When you spend hours and hours trying to create a secret door with sticky pistons in Minecraft and it turns out horrible: https://t.co/5PhWQCFJZa

One of the easiest ways to make a home safer is to incorporate a single entrance and exit that only the builder knows about. It can also be done with red stone. Secret doors are all the rage, and the more clandestine they are, the more secure the Minecraft home can be.

This can easily be done with a secret hatch placed away from the house. He can descend into a tunnel leading to the secret base. As long as no one knows where this door is, they will never enter.

This is especially useful in an underground bunker. These favor secrecy, which makes them all the more secure.

2) Walls

Minecraft castle wall and gate is nearing completion. Looks like I’ll start building the castle inside soon. Proud! https://t.co/4zPGaP3NXo

Another way to fortify even the most basic house is to add a wall. An impenetrable wall, to be precise. However, walls can be jumped by players, as a block can be placed in front to scale it. This is why tons of wall blocks placed high in the sky will work best.

It is quite difficult to make a truly impenetrable wall. However, this will deter players and make the house much safer. Moreover, this method is quite easy to implement.

Just surround the house with a ring or a square of walls and it is automatically much safer.

1) Ditch

Minecraft houses can have moats (Image via Reddit)
Minecraft houses can have moats (Image via Reddit)

The best, and probably the most fun, way to turn any home into a secure fortress is to add a moat. It’s a smart way to fortify any Minecraft house, as it dates back to medieval times.

While not impenetrable, the structural aesthetics make it worth it.

The best ditches are large and may even have water flowing in a certain direction to make it even harder to cross. If built in creative mode, it can even have a drowned spawner to really deter any potential intruders.

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