5 Best Cliff House Designs To Build In Minecraft 1.19 Update


Houses are often the go-to building idea for Minecraft players. The main reason for this is that almost every player’s first experience as a builder in the game involves building houses or shelter bases. A quickly built panic shelter is what many players tend to build, given their first bizarre encounters with the game’s hostile mobs.

After the first night, players tend to master the game mechanics and start building their own dream house in Minecraft. Many houses are built in the grassy plains, which guarantees a ton of space, animals, and resources, while others are hidden in the jungles. This article, however, will talk about some constructions of houses built near the cliffs.

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Minecraft 1.19 Players Should Consider These 5 Cliff Bases For A Great View

5) Survival Cliff Base

This Minecraft survival base is literally built inside a mountain. Besides the aesthetics, it contains a secret that is not noticeable until players read the message caption. A hidden staircase runs along the area near the base entrance door. A lever can be seen here, indicating that the staircase is operated using redstone.

With no visible stairs, the house looks like a building with its porch hanging in the air with no way to approach it. As players can see, the construction is built near the bottom of a cliff, and the trick with the stairs certainly reflects the idea of ​​staying above ground.

4) Wooden cliff base

This Minecraft base, unlike some others on this list, is at the bottom of a hill, not the top. The quaint and cozy little base is built almost entirely with different variations of wood. The walls and most of the structure are of stripped logs, while the entrance is of oak slabs. Wooden fences can also be seen at the gate. One of the walls, however, has been replaced with a ton of glass bricks.

3) Birthday base

This adorable build is the gift of a Minecraft Redditor celebrating his mother’s birthday. The construction includes a large tower-like house in the form of a giant entity built in front of a gigantic mountain. Entrance and exit to the building is via a water lift. Moving up, players will notice that the entity’s feet are made using cut copper slabs.

Inside the structure, the player shows his creation. The bedroom has several beds, one for each member of the player’s family. It also contains ovens, cauldrons and tripwire hooks to make the place more warm and welcoming. The whole construction is covered with green stained glass to make the structure unique and more realistic.

2) Complex of giant cliffs

This Minecraft house complex contains a ton of different buildings. Initially, players can find the Beauty of the Ball, the Cliff House, inside a hill and surrounded by a waterfall and greenery. The interior of the Cliff House contains two floors. A spiral staircase connects them while overlooking an area with many different workstation blocks.

1) Cliff Castle

This magnificent Minecraft structure is built on top of a hill overlooking a huge valley and forest below. The building is shaped like a castle and the setting looks suspiciously like Hogwarts castle from the Harry Potter franchise. Players may also notice that the trees around the building have a different color. This is due to a mod applied by the manufacturer.

The castle itself is built using a variety of different blocks, many of which come from the single mod. The walls of the building are made of pickled birch logs, the pillars are wooden, and the staircase is made of custom blocks.

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