5 Best Easy To Build House Models In Minecraft 1.19 Update


Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update brings many new and exciting features, such as Guardian, Ancient Towns, Frogs, Frog Spawns, Tadpoles, Frog Fires, Mangroves and Trees, and Mud Blocks and all the new ways players can use it for building, like mud bricks. This doesn’t even take into account new items players can craft or find as loot.

These new features are enough to make some players want to start a new world and access it quickly. This means that a new home or base will be required. And while it’s no problem creating the same house in all worlds, there’s plenty of inspiration below for players who want to mix it all up.

Easiest house designs for new worlds in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update

5) Igloo house

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Three types of players might want to create a simple igloo house. There are players spawning near frozen oceans or ice spike biomes.

Next come players who simply prefer these cooler biomes. While it’s certainly not the majority of these players, each biome is someone’s favorite, which makes these igloos perfect for those who just prefer the cold.

Finally, are players looking to set up a simple base for ice mining. Ice is a very useful material due to the speed at which players can move over it on boats, meaning those who need a large amount of it may want to set up a basic igloo house. to protect them while they mine the surrounding ice.

These igloo houses are very easy to craft, simply requiring players to remove a small amount of ice from an iceberg or ice spike biome to place some basic crafting blocks, storage, and a bed. . However, players should be careful with furnaces and torches as they can melt ice.

4) Starting house

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The most basic of basic houses. These Starter Houses are basic setups that players can create in the early days of Minecraft from a new world using materials that were very common in early Minecraft games.

These houses are quite compact, with only enough room for some basic crafting areas, such as a crafting table, oven, and basic chest setup, with a bed in the corner.

3) Underground house

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Underground bases are a great way for those who care more about the survival part of the game than the building part to quickly and efficiently set up a base. They allow players to use the stone they dig as walls and only mean that players have to decorate only one side of the base outside: wherever they placed the entrance.

Inherently scalable due to the amount of space there is underground if players are willing to free up space, the only downside to these houses is the time spent expanding and adding new ones rooms.

2) Survival House

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An improved version of the Starter House is the Survival House. These houses are larger in scale than most of the houses on this list and pack a punch in terms of survivability. With dedicated space for farms, these houses can keep players well fed without having to leave and have space for dedicated enchantment and storage areas.

Much like the starter house, this house is crafted with many early game materials, such as wooden planks, logs, and stones. While the starter house is quick to do in the first days of a world, the survival house is something to do in the first few weeks of a Minecraft world.

1) Treehouse

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It’s a great yet easy way to mix the natural beauty of the Minecraft world with the practicality and usefulness of a regular home.

They can be very quick and easy to build because the foundation for the tree house already exists in the large trees that players can find naturally generated. These houses are also great for keeping the look of the surroundings as they blend very well with the trees around them.

Players can also chain together multiple treehouses and use various trees for different areas, such as an enchanting tree, a storage tree, and a crafting tree.

To note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author only.

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