5 Best Minecraft House Designs For The Mountains


Minecraft 1.18 introduced a huge change to the mountains in the game. The update split the mountains into six biomes and changed the way they spawned, making them taller and much more realistic.

The introduction of the newly overhauled mountains gave Minecrafters a new kind of terrain to build on, which they absolutely took advantage of. The following five builds are some of the best the Minecraft community has attempted in the new update.

Top 5 Designs for Mountain House Builds in Minecraft

5) Modern mountaintop house (built by u/tallproducer)

This design from Minecraft Redditor u/tallproducer consists of a gigantic modern house perched on top of a hill. The majority of this particular construction was made with white concrete. However, players can use any other block or color, whatever they prefer. While concrete is a popular choice for modern Minecraft homes, it also pairs well with snow in this instance.

The builder manually completed the side of the mountain to include lanterns for lighting. Glass can be seen covering most of the build, giving it an aesthetic vibe. Additional detailing was done using flowers, shrubs, vines and a lone dark oak tree.

4) Mountain Mansion (built by u/Isuwila)

This design consists of a small mansion that sits on the rise of a mountain. Built by Redditor u/Isuwila specifically for the new Caves and Cliffs hills part 2, the foundation and basic skeleton of the house are mostly constructed with wood, using planks, logs, wooden blocks, trap doors and stairs. The walls are white and powder-coated concrete, with lanterns for lighting and leaf blocks for decoration. A chimney is visible on the roof.

3) Small house on top of a hill (built by u/ranaediriMC_playz01)

This design is by Redditor u/ranaediriMC_playz01. Choosing a narrow-shaped mountain didn’t deter them from executing this building idea, as the Redditor continues to build an equally narrow house on the mountain.

The house is approximately 6 blocks by 3 blocks and is made entirely of different variations of wood in the game. Stripped logs, normal logs, planks, trapdoors, and stairs can be seen implemented into the design.

2) House inside a mountain (Built by u/justDeltaa)

This beautiful design by Redditor u/justDeltaa is very popular among builders in the game. It involves digging a hole inside a mountain and using that space to build a base. This particular construction is inspired by the “moon base” construction.

The exterior borders are made using wooden slabs and hatches, while the interior is covered mainly with stripped wooden logs. The interior can be designed as the player wishes. The entrance to the foot of the mountain is quite satisfactory. Players can even build higher and use a water elevator to go up and down.

1) Copper Golem House (built by u/MarchiWORX_YT)

This version incorporates a feature that could have been in the game, but did not get enough votes to be added. The copper golem was one of the mobs competing for a spot in the game during the 2021 Minecraft crowd vote. However, it lost to the Allay and will not return to the game at this time.

In this design, Redditor u/MarchiWORX_YT created a huge copper golem with a house inside. Players can quite clearly see the golem’s face and its resemblance to the real copper golem. The entire construction uses copper and oxidized copper blocks for obvious reasons.

Some scaffolding can be seen running around the player’s house inside, which they have decorated and built on a farm, as can other players who wish to attempt this construction. Players can choose an even higher mountain and put a lightning rod on the golem’s head to attract lightning.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author only.

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