5 Best Minecraft House Designs to Explore With Unlimited Resources


Minecraft is a game where players can build almost anything they can think of. The only limits to this are the player’s imagination and sometimes the lack of equipment. But if a player has unlimited resources, like in creative mode, or has a good resource farm, it opens up more options.

These Minecraft house designs require an abundance of resources

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Building a house in Minecraft can definitely be a lot of work. Even planning a house before proper construction can take some time. Part of the fun of building it is knowing the best place to build it and how it will work. But houses don’t have to be huge to be the best-designed houses in Minecraft. What matters is function, enjoyment and ultimately the appearance of a home from the outside.

How to Gather More Materials in Minecraft

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Of course, if players are going to play the game in creative mode, materials won’t be an issue. But in Survival mode, players will want to make sure they can easily gather materials.

Farming is the best way for players to gather most materials in the game, but for some, players will need to find their resources by mining or exploring. Players can create automatic farms to help out.

1) Realistic modern mansion

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Players who want to live their life of luxury will find just that in this amazing modern mansion created by A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT. This build features a gorgeous mansion with a swimming pool, open-concept rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, and a design that looks amazing. Of course, players can modify this mansion to their liking by using other materials or moving parts around.

  • For an even more stunning build, players can create an entire neighborhood of modern mansions, then have their friends live in one or change it when the mood strikes. The possibilities of this home are endless.

2) Big wooden house

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Those who want to live in a log cabin might want to take a look at this build that takes a log cabin up a notch. TheMythicalSausage features this build that will allow players to live in a two-story house with stunning views from extended porches and upper-level windows. Players can build it in an isolated area or move it to a village and have the best house in town with this build.

  • Players can also use different woods outside the house to change it. Players may not prefer lighter wood colors and can use darker colors in the same build, but make it their own.

3) Giant Suburban Mansion

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For players who want to stand out in their home, this Giant Suburban Mansion from FlyingCow will take their friends’ breath away when they lay eyes on this build. With an in-ground pool, multiple levels, and wrap-around porches, this build will make players feel like they’ve made it in the world of Minecraft. To make it even more expensive, players could use gold blocks.

  • By garnishing the mansion with gold blocks or diamonds, players can stand out from the crowd. They could even create limos or helicopters or even a yacht near the water to help complete this mansion.

4) the kingdom of the treehouses

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Sometimes life on the pitch just isn’t enough. When it does, players can reach the treetops with this fantastic Treehouse Kingdom built by A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT. The best part about this build is that players can tweak this however they want to make their custom treehouse above the world’s troubles.

5) Underwater modern house

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For players who want to settle under the sea, they can create some pretty fantastic underwater homes. This build tutorial from LubovLC features this beautiful modern home that offers stunning views of all the underwater life around the area. For the more daring builders, players can expand this base and create an entire underwater city to share with their friends.

  • Players can have part of their base above water and part inside. This can allow them to have the best of both worlds, expand each of these areas independently, and live on land or sea.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the views of the author.

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