5 Best Minecraft Wooden House Designs in 2022


One of the most common building materials in Minecraft is wood. Whether it is oak, birch, spruce, dark oak or any other type of wood, most constructions use this resource. Not only do they use wood, but it’s usually the main block. It’s easy to get in bulk and makes homes really beautiful.

There are tons of different ways to use wood in Minecraft houses. Here are the most popular models.

Most popular wooden house designs in Minecraft

5) Wood and cobblestone

Minecraft players can’t go wrong with the classic combination. Wood, usually oak, goes perfectly with cobblestone. This is true for all types of wood: oak, birch, spruce, jungle and the rest.

Using logs and planks is a great way to bring some creativity to an otherwise fairly simple build.

Wood and cobblestones make a classic building combo (Image via Minecraft)
Wood and cobblestones make a classic building combo (Image via Minecraft)

4) Shipwreck

Whether finding one or building one (or fixing an existing one), wrecks make great homes. They are unique, cool and not too hard to finish building. They are already made of wood, so it is a perfect wooden construction for Minecraft players.

Shipwrecks can be made into large houses (Image via Minecraft)
Shipwrecks can be made into large houses (Image via Minecraft)

3) Hole in a mountain

Building a hole in the side of a mountain is a truly unique and creative way to build in Minecraft. Using wood makes it stand out, rather than using stone or other blocks which will blend in.

Realistically, the only part of the house that would need to be made of wood would be the face, which makes it easier to build than the others.

Horray for the work moving away from Minecraft. This game is quite too consuming. Have an interesting “house” in a mountain though.

2) Mansion

Mansions require a ton of materials, but crafting them mostly out of wood is much easier. Wood is easily acquired in bulk, so it is easy to build very large houses with it.

Bigger is better and it’s always easier to build with wood. Using different types can also cause resources to go much further than they normally would.

1) Boathouse

Similar to a shipwreck, these constructions are above water. Boathouses are legitimate fun, so they can absolutely be built in Minecraft (much easier too). Boathouses would use wood like any other construction, making it a very good wooden house.

Which of these is the best?

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