5 Cutest House Designs for Minecraft in 2022


It’s easy for players to fall into the rut of simply digging into the side of a hill or mountain and building their base there in every Minecraft world. However, there are a number of smaller-scale building ideas that amp up creativity while remaining accessible even to those who might think creativity isn’t their Minecraft forte.

These constructions can appeal to those looking for a number of different sensations: functional, natural, hidden, rustic and comfortable to name a few. Most of these constructions call upon at least two of these vibrations, if not more. And remember, experimentation is key. If a player doesn’t like the feel of a build, this can be changed by something as simple as adding new block types or changing the block palette used.

Top 5 Cutest Design Aesthetics for Minecraft Houses in 2022

5) Survival House

These charming homes made of basic wood and stone make up for their more basic aesthetic with increased functionality. They have small farms of all the crops the player needs, as well as ample storage and room for all the crafting areas the player might need. Wood and stone are a classic combination for a reason, they just work.

It’s a good compromise between the pure function that some players are looking for in their bases and the creative side of the game, and as such would be a good first step for those looking to work on their building abilities.

4) Farm

The farmhouse aesthetic is categorized by a rustic vibe of wood and stone buildings, surrounded by expanses of wheat, as well as other Minecraft crops. This ensures that the player will be well fed, but also adds a very calm, almost serene vibe that large tracts of farmland often have.

The combination of wood and stone brings a sense of comfort and protection, as the warm tones of wood welcome players, while the cool grays of stone exude an aura of security and strength.

3) Underground house

While most players strive to create towering constructs to inspire awe, there is an equally valid method for creating constructs that amaze those who see them. That is, to create massive bases that extend into the depths. These developments also have the advantage of retaining much of the shape of the landscape, with a fairly low profile.

Players can also experiment with shapes and styles, although the best is some sort of glass roof. This way, players can take advantage of the night sky and natural daytime lighting.

2) Treehouse

Treehouses are a great way to take advantage of all the tall trees with sprawling branches that are often annoying to cut down. Players can use natural leaves as a foundation for their roof. This will keep players above the ground and allow a 180 degree view of the surrounding forest.

These towering trees often make great visual focal points for a forest and can also be used as a visual marker of home location. This makes them natural centers for expanding a player’s base and other Minecraft activities.

1) Cottage

Cottages are the most classic and well-known cute house aesthetic for Minecraft. They are often smaller and more comfortable, with a similar vibe to the tree house, in that they are much more integrated with nature than other constructions. They often feature a variety of wood types, as well as natural blocks and campfires, and even bricks, a block that is often little used, if at all.

Be sure to mark the building’s coordinates, as sometimes they blend in so well with the surrounding forests that they can be quite difficult to find once lost.

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