5 modern house designs that are easy to build in Minecraft 1.19 update


Building a house is often the first thing to do in Minecraft. It is the base of operations, the place where players sleep, the storage unit and much more. They tend to go back to the house they built first, so that’s obviously very important.

A starter house is often as simple as it gets, but when Minecraft players get materials to play with, they can build wonderful houses. Modern houses are some of the coolest because they often require unique blocks.

They also look really good when done right, especially in the latest version of Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.19: modern houses that will knock your socks off

5) Waterfall House

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This house is certainly helped by the in-game shaders because the water usually doesn’t look exactly like this. Still, it will look great in vanilla Minecraft and be one of the coolest modern homes around.

The blocks in play here are not those of ordinary houses. The white blocks could be concrete or quartz blocks, neither of which are easy to obtain.

Its flow makes it one of the most unique modern homes, with the waterfall separating the two sides of the house and adding a unique touch.

4) Shrubs

Modern homes can have greenery (Image via Reddit/u/DLoewG)
Modern homes can have greenery (Image via Reddit/u/DLoewG)

Modern houses often make good use of shrubs or greenery in Minecraft. This method is easy to spice up the construction to make it look a bit more modern.

This particular house also has some of the same elements as the previous model, like white blocks (quartz or concrete) and lots of glass. One thing modern homes almost always have is lots of windows.

This house has three floors, which makes it a bit difficult to build. However, if Minecraft users fit the picture frame, they can fill in the rest however they want, and it will still look like an amazing modern house.

3) Wooden house

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Most often, Minecraft houses use wood for the walls and even the roof. It’s one of the most abundant resources in the game, so that makes sense. Modern homes don’t typically use wood, but this one flips that idea.

This home makes perfect use of wood to accent the white and black concrete. It also makes great use of subtle greenery to add some color to an otherwise reasonably monochromatic build.

2) Pool house

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One thing that good modern homes have is a swimming pool. This home has a single pool. It’s not very big, so the pool can’t be either.

Even though it is small, it uses all possible space to easily fit two floors, multiple rooms, a swimming pool and adequate greenery. The balcony is a nice touch and is quite easy to do with a few fence posts.

Here, the use of stained glass makes the house stand out a bit more than it otherwise would.

1) All of the above

This modern home has it all (Image via Wondershare Filmora)
This modern home has it all (Image via Wondershare Filmora)

This house has combined everything the other houses have. It has an excellent swimming pool, well-placed shrubs, two stories, white concrete blocks, windows and wood to accent the construction.

It also has the same type of frame as most modern homes, making it easy to replicate. This design is great because it allows the house to be built, and the greenery and pool can be added any time later.

The frame for the house does not require the pool area, so it can be added when completed.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author.

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