7 Best Jungle House Designs in Minecraft


The jungle biome in Minecraft is one of the rarest biomes that most players with new worlds will find themselves in. Although world generation is random, players usually spawn in the plains or savannah biome in many cases. However, when players get a jungle spawn, setting up camp inside the biome might not be such a bad idea.

Jungle biomes are known to have tons of trees, shrubs, cacao trees, and parrots. However, when a Minecraft player has the right design in mind, a base in the jungle biome might just be what they need. There are lots of woods nearby, as well as cocoa plants, parrots, grass, jungle temples, and even lava pools (sometimes).

This article will showcase some of the best designs that players can take inspiration from when planning a house build in the Minecraft jungle biome.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author.

Top 7 Jungle House Builds Minecraft Players Must Try

1) Jungle Survival House

This Minecraft Survival House sits by a lake. A welcome sight in the center of a bamboo jungle, the construction consists of a two-story house made from a ton of different blocks. The main structure consists of bricks, mossy stone brick slabs, and all wooden furniture using acacia, jungle logs, fences, doors, and trapdoors.

The house is shaped like a typical cottage with a sloping roof. An outer perimeter of fences serves as the boundary of the enclosure. The upper floor has a small viewing gallery, which would set the tone for a vibe of jungle-related activity like birdwatching. The decoration is mainly done with flowers and leaves.

2) Modern Jungle House

This Minecraft build, titled Modern Jungle House, is the perfect representation of a modern house wrapped in a jungle setting. On one side is a magnificent house that uses quartz blocks as its main building elements, while on the other side the whole structure is covered with plants and jungle logs in two variations (jungle logs and logs of stripped jungle).

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Long bay windows have been featured at the front of the house. The interior, like the large main building in the form of a high rise, is also made using different versions of quartz blocks. The summit, although covered almost entirely in jungle logs, has a section of dirt blocks on which a wheat farm grows.

3) A simple house in the jungle

Designed by the same Minecraft player as the last version, this one is a bit raw. This construction is mainly made using wooden planks and hatches. The outer layer of the construction is covered with glass blocks, giving the structure greenhouse vibes.

Leaves were used to decorate the exterior of the structure. Lanterns have been used for lighting, while fences contribute to the design.

4) Lake Jungle Base

This Minecraft base has two components, which serve as two small towers in the middle of a shallow lake. The entire base looks like something out of Subnautica. Both structures of the building are made from cut sandstone and other variations of sandstone, as well as planks of dark oak wood. The two structures are connected by a small wooden bridge.

Each tower has a tree and dozens of plants growing there. Stairs lead to each of the towers and the interior of the two towers have different configurations. One has living quarters, while the other has a storage area and a farm.

5) Small Jungle Mansion

This Minecraft build consists of a small mansion sitting right in the middle of a jungle biome. Surrounded by tall trees and bushes on all sides, this house is a sight for sore eyes.

The entire structure is made using jungle logs, with cobblestones being used to create a small balcony on the upper floor and the entrance to the house below.

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The ground floor comprises the main living quarters and has a small storage area, as well as shelving and more. The upper floor has a small viewing area covered in glass and offers an incredible view of the jungle in front of the house.

6) Concealed Jungle Base

This basic Minecraft jungle design may not have towering structures, but it has the privilege of being shrouded in mystery. Although this particular design is not decorated inside, players can implement their own ideas for a possible interior design.

The house sits on the corner of a thick jungle and is surrounded by tall trees, vines and bushes. It looks like an ordinary cottage from the outside, with its oak planked walls.

7) Village house in the jungle

This Minecraft house resembles the basic design of a village house in Minecraft. However, this is more detailed. The house is built on a foundation of mossy stone brick slabs, cobblestones, andesite, cobblestone stairs and cobblestone walls. The walls of the house are mostly made of stripped wood planks and logs.

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Hatches are used as window shutters and lanterns were used as the main source of lighting. A few chains can be seen hanging outside the window, which can be seen as a decorative choice.

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