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If you’re like the rest of us who grew up watching “The Brady Bunch,” you were excited when news broke this summer about HGTV’s purchase of the suburban ranch house that served as backdrop to the sitcom and the network plans for a modern renovation inspired by 70s decor. And recent developments are once again boosting enthusiasm for the whole project.

The previously announced series chronicling the “Brady Bunch” home renovation now has a working title, “A Very Brady Renovation.” And last Thursday, the Brady brothers Barry Williams (Greg), Maureen McCormick (Marcia), Christopher Knight (Rock), Eve Plumb (Jan), mike lookinland (Bobby) and Susan Olsen (Cindy) met at the house in North Hollywood, Calif., to kick off filming.

The six cast members were also joined by familiar faces from the HGTV stable, including Jonathan and Drew Scott of “Property Brothers” and Lara Spencer from “Flea Market Flip”. They will work to reinvent the design of the house.

The series is set to premiere in September 2019, just in time for the show’s 50th anniversary. It will also feature additional celebrity guest cameos. One person we can all vouch for, but who will stop, is Bass Spearthe old ‘N Sync member who nearly bought the “Brady Bunch” house, but was outbid by HGTV.

HGTV remains silent on what its designers plan to do with the house, but here are some things we hope will be included as they reimagine the “Brady Bunch” house for the 21st century.


The counters and the orange table

(ABC/ABC Photo Archive via Getty Images)

Orange counters

Photo by Webber + Studio, architects
The Brady kitchen, with its orange countertops and backsplash, is one of the most memorable rooms in the house. While an all-orange kitchen might be a bit too much on the nose, an updated version of the countertop in a punchy orange hue looks like the perfect homage that’s also on trend.

Avocado Green Refrigerator

brady's pile house
The Brady kitchen featured a classic green refrigerator.

(Big chills)

Do you remember the brightly colored kitchen appliances from the 70s? There was harvest gold, chocolate brown, sunset orange, and the ultimate ’70s shade: avocado green. The Brady family had an avocado green fridge, and we won’t settle for anything less. Bring back the green machine, HGTV! Deliver us from the sterile and stainless minimalism of the 21st century.

The dining room


(ABC/ABC Photo Archive via Getty Images)


Photo by Jodi Foster Design + Planning

Enough with the white felt! Bring in woodwork like the ones found in the Brady family room. While wood panels fell into disuse for a few decades, they’re back in full force and it’s anything but cheesy. Eco-friendly reclaimed wood options would add a richness to the “Brady Bunch” home that would also fit in nicely with the 70s vibe of the home.


brady's pile house
Imagine an entire room adorned with this groovy wallpaper.

(Graham & Brown)

Groovy wallpaper is as authentically 70s as the bell bottoms, macrame wall art and mood rings. Today, it is becoming popular again with modern designs and easy-to-apply adhesives. So we can’t wait to see what new take designers will have on bold vintage wallpaper.

Photo by CG&S Design-Build

No “Brady Bunch” house reboot will be complete without the iconic floating staircase in the living room that Marcia, Greg, Cindy, Bobby, Peter and Jan climbed up and down. We’re expecting to see some sort of staircase anchoring the area downstairs, and a floating option – perhaps updated with a richer wood color – makes the most sense.

indoor plants

brady's pile house
We imagine that the “Brady Bunch” house will be full of houseplants.


Houseplants are at the forefront of millennial cool, but today’s #urbanjungle is just an update on the 70s fad of bringing the outdoors inside . The new Brady house should be filled with potted foliage, with bonus points for pothos plants in macrame hangers.

egg chair

brady's pile house
An egg chair is one of the most groovy decor pieces around.

(Rove Concepts)

A groovy chair will give the Brady living room an authentic 70s vibe, but we’d like to see it upholstered in waxed brown leather for a sophisticated update to a classic piece of furniture.

The original egg chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958, and its curvaceous shape made it a staple of mid-century modern design.


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