A Georgian family home full of storage


The color scheme was another important aspect of the design. Soft neutral tones were chosen for the main spaces, including Foraging by Colourtrend in the living room and Crumbling Arch by Curator on the kitchen doors.

“We then added an earthy undertone with accent pieces like the Fredericia Swoon armchair in rust velvet in Minima’s kitchen,” says Louise. “The ‘Den’ was the only room to have a darker palette to ensure a more masculine and comfortable vibe.” Harley Green from Little Green was chosen for the walls of this room.

The two children’s bedrooms find a nice balance between integrating with the rest of the house and still appealing to their inhabitants.

“We wanted to complement the original part of the house with the children’s rooms, especially in the one at the front of the house with some nice features, so the soft powder blue paint color worked well for the woodwork there. -down”, explains Louise.

“Offsetting that with the red circus tent above his bed added the playful element a young boy needs (something we loved doing!). The baby’s room had a soft sage green/off-white palette with white and natural elements to match the other rooms as well.

Renovation of a child's bedroom in Dublin

One of Lousie’s favorite aspects of the design is the cream sofa in the living room. “We designed it and Portmarnock Furnishings made it – it looks sculptural in this room, too pretty to almost sit in. There’s an elegance and calm to this particular room that’s quite grounded.

Overall, the house has been transformed into a classic yet comfortable space for this family.


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