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Jumping from store to store to buy different home improvement essentials is definitely a tedious task. What if you could find everything on a single platform and without leaving your home? Yes, Renovator Store is the online store to visit.

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The fastest growing online store for renovators and homeowners, offers all kinds of building accessories and accessories at very reasonable prices. Everything you might need to improve your home is certainly available in the 24/7 digital store. Order how and when you want, and it will be delivered to your doorstep. And their full money-back guarantee provides the comfort you need in case you want to return something.

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Renovator Store is the one stop shop for all your renovation needs. From bathroom and kitchen accessories to storage and lighting hardware, the store sells products without the traditional retail markup. It allows you to easily shop for everything for your home improvement without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Transform the look of your bathroom from ‘ordinary’ to ‘luxurious’ with the elegant collection of faucets for the shower, sink or bath, towel rails and accessories, heated towel rails and even heating on the ground. Beat the showroom model and avoid their retail markups by sourcing online – why pay extra to cover the cost of rent and set-up for the showroom and vendors?

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The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. So why not make it the liveliest and most beautiful part of your home by improving your storage access and space utilization with a pull-out pantry or magic nook? Hide your trash with a built-in trash can or upgrade your sink area with a granite sink or the latest color and matching faucet. Renovator Store has everything to make your kitchen beautiful and functional with the right use of space.

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Storage Solutions
Have you seen the latest innovative storage hardware for the kitchen, laundry room and closet? There is no need to reach the back of the cabinet when there are smart systems to pull it out for easy access.

With well-designed pull-out organizers, pantries, drawer systems and corner drawers available at Renovator Store, one can make the best use of available space and keep everything in order. Check out smart ideas like pull-out bins, laundry baskets, collapsible ironing boards and even pull-out wardrobes. The store carries a number of exclusives from major brands and designer houses.

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Home cinema
The secret to an impressive home theater is to hide all the cable spaghetti in the walls and ceiling before plastering. Renovator Store has the most competitive prices on wall cables for your speakers and projector or TV. Be smart and get no-compromise wiring at these lower prices rather than through a hi-fi shop or your installer.

They offer a variety of the highest quality cables for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers with an extra thick fire-resistant outer casing and internal rip cord to prevent damage. The collection includes a variety of wall plates to present all your speaker points in an organized space for exceptional audio and video quality.

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door hardware
If you are looking for door hardware, then Renovator Store will never disappoint you.
The store offers a contemporary collection of pull handles, latches, door closers, doorstops, lever handles and keyless security locks. The store guarantees that all products are durable and of the highest quality.

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For benefits such as low power consumption, low heat generation, and longevity, LED lights have become the top choice for home lighting. In addition, they are easy to install and require no maintenance. LED lamps consume 80% less energy than traditional lamps and reduce energy bills by 80% to 90%. You can shop from a range of sizes, brightness, colors and styles.

Shower grids and External drains
Most new architecturally designed homes feature minimalist linear shower grates that have a removable insert where your floor tiles are installed – the result is an almost invisible drain in your shower! These shower grates are preferred over standard center floor wastes because they avoid the messy tile cuts required to slope all four sides to a center drain. Renovator Store offers Australia’s best prices on bespoke 316 stainless steel shower grates.

Architectural stainless steel drain channels with sleek inserts give your patio or pool area a much cleaner look than standard drains your builder might supply. Renovator Store offers Australia’s best prices on custom length and width exterior drains, and they can all be manufactured and delivered to your site within days!

Don’t wait any longer… Browse the Renovator Store collection now!

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