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The first step. A house design based on the Adidas logo.

A Polish architect has designed a series of houses based on famous logos, translating their familiar shapes into modern houses of concrete and glass, with striking shapes and elegant features.

The series is an example of the engaging conceptual work done by Polish designers and architects alongside commercial projects.

Karina Wiciak, who founded a design company called Wamhouse Studio, took the Adidas logo as her starting point. Dating back to the 1950s, the brand – with its three diagonal stripes – became so famous that founder Adolf Dassler described Adidas as the “three-stripe company”.

The original Adidas logo dates back to the material

After noticing the architectural potential of the logo, Wiciak set out to explore what it might look like as a home. She called the completed design the Trihouse, echoing the logo’s three stripes.

The house is triangular in shape, with three strips of concrete that resemble the stripes of the Adidas logo with glass windows between them. Through the glass, four floors connected by stairs can be seen. Wiciak’s images show the building against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, giving the house the appearance of an elegant alpine home, complete with chandeliers, a grand piano and a cozy fireplace.

The Renault design, with its slender shape, offers a more compact living space, spread over four floors.karina_wiciak/Instagram

Continuing this approach, Wiciak designed three more houses based on the internationally recognized logos of three automotive brands: Chevrolet, Renault and Mitsubishi.

Wiciak transformed the Chevrolet logo into the Crosshouse, an unusually shaped building that resembles the American marque’s cross-shaped logo, which was introduced in 1914. In his visualization, the house is built over water, its facade in glass offering a wide view and lots of natural light.

Wiciak transformed the Chevrolet logo into the Crosshouse, an unusually shaped building that resembles the American brand’s cross-shaped logo.karina_wiciak/Instagram

Renault’s diamond-shaped logo became the Losange, which sounds like “lozenge”, a quadrilateral whose four sides are all the same length (like the French brand’s logo). With its narrow shape, it offers a more compact living space, spread over four floors.

The fourth house, the Pyrahouse, is inspired by the logo of Japanese automaker Mitsubishi.

In his Mitsubishi design, Wiciak incorporates three diamonds into a triangle or pyramid shaped house.karina_wiciak/Instagram

Mitsubishi literally means “three diamonds”, which make up the company logo. In his design, Wiciak incorporates the three diamonds into a triangle or pyramid-shaped house (hence his name), with two large windows and a space under the house matching the space between them. A spacious, open-plan living area occupies the floor with the windows.

Although the series is a conceptual project inspired by logos and their shapes, the houses are designed to be functional living spaces that could potentially be built in the future.


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