Blue Sky House renovation revitalizes 1960s cottage


It is in a charming cottage nestled in a wooded and green garden in a quiet cul-de-sac that you will discover the Blue Sky House. Originally built in the 1960s, the renovation that transformed it into a light-filled contemporary family home, while retaining its authentic charm, is nothing short of wonderful.

There was a strong desire to retain all of the existing spaces while repurposing certain areas of the chalet. This strategy allowed a more spacious environment and a stronger landscape connection to unfold organically.

Designed by Rob Henry Architects in Canberra, Blue Sky House was entered into the ACT Architecture Awards for its innovative renovation and revitalization of an original 1960s house.

Establishing a north-facing fire was imperative for the family. Success was achieved through the inverted truss design – the new roofline wing provided generous amounts of northern light to spill into the deepest spaces of the house through skylight windows -way.

Cottage character with a contemporary twist is quintessential Blue Sky House, and the connecting elements flow effortlessly from room to room. All rooms have been completely renovated, while the bathroom and laundry room have remained intact. The kitchen is the real heart of the house and the new north terrace offers ample opportunity to revel in the perfectly landscaped picturesque garden.

“Rob passed the brief. It delivered, in a small space, something beautiful and incredibly functional for our family,” the owner said.

“We love the bright living room, we love the connection to the garden and the kitchen is perfect.

“It’s not a big house, but all the spaces work. From the street it’s still the same cottage that drew us here, but inside Rob has transformed it into something unexpected and special.”

To accentuate the original character of the cottage, the exterior and interior material palettes have been specifically and meticulously chosen to bring out the unique features of the house.

Much love has gone into the design of Blue Sky House, and with thoughtful planning, attention to detail and the retention of original character, it has become a project to be admired and, more importantly, a well-loved family home. -loved.

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