Chithra, who faced caste discrimination, regains her smile; construction of houses will start soon, caste discrimination in Kerala, Chithra and family living in distress


“I have confidence now and I’m grateful for the support I’m getting,” Chithra said with a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

Chithra, her husband Dhanesh, son Dhanoop and daughter Neena next to building materials brought for the construction of their new home

Alappuzha: Chithra who went through hardships one after another and fought a one-woman battle, finally won the support of the authorities. However, life’s difficulties had made her so strong that she didn’t even shed a tear when she saw the helping hands.

Chithra has to take care of her paralyzed husband and take care of her children. She does odd jobs to make ends meet. But in the midst of it all, she faced caste-based discrimination from locals in the neighborhood. She found the courage to file a complaint about it in court with the help of Dalit Center State Vice President, Mohan C Aravunthara.

WhatsApp group first help hand

WhatsApp group of her classmates from Plus Two at Purakkad SNMHSS raised a fund after hearing about her husband’s condition and gave it to her. She took part of it to build the plastic shed in which they now live.

When she got five cents of land to build a house, someone sent a complaint to the authorities stating that she was not from a scheduled caste. The scheduled Caste Monitoring Service conducted an investigation and found the complaint to be false.

The woman in the house near the starting point of the Panchayat road and two other neighbors prevented Chithra from bringing building materials for the construction of the house. These materials were purchased with monetary support from the Life Scheme. No one dared to question them when the neighbors said aloud that they would not let their locality turn into a programmed caste colony.

VEO Arunkumar, who is in charge of the caste funds provided, filed a complaint with the inspector of Thrikkunnapuzha asking for help in transporting building materials for the construction of Chithra’s house. It didn’t change anything. The neighbors then filed a complaint stating that the area allocated to the government for the construction of Chitha’s house is a wetland. The Tehsildar’s report was favorable to Chithra. The next complaint was that the report had been obtained through the influence of Chithra.

There was a favorable verdict in her complaint which she filed in the Munsiff Court in Haripad for blocking passage. But she did not receive police protection. The next conclusion drawn by many was that the verdict was obtained by influencing the judge. Chithra was not allowed to bring rings for toilet construction. They weren’t even allowed to bring gas cylinders home.

Chithra said she had no one to help her during this time. Dalit Center State Vice President Mohan C Aravunthara came with a helping hand after that. She lodged her complaint with the Chief Minister, the Women’s Commission, the Minister for Revenue, the Minister for Local Self-Government and the Minister for Scheduled Caste Welfare. “I have confidence now and I’m grateful for the support I’m getting.” – She said with a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

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