Concord Townhouse Renovation Price Rises Due to Order Changes


The renovation of one of Concord’s oldest buildings will not be completed by its original due date, but despite its many problems it is still considered “exciting and worthwhile”.

At the March 8 board meeting, Deputy City Manager Kate Hodges said many issues had arisen and been resolved over the past few months. The old first floor layout was deficient in many respects, including the condition of the foundations, the condition of the exterior walls, the ceiling, and the data connections, among others.

“Renovating a nearly 200-year-old building had its share of problems,” Hodges said. “We weren’t entirely surprised by them but we didn’t necessarily anticipate the volume.”

Facilities Manager, Ryan Orr, worked closely with the contractors to develop innovative and cost-effective approaches and ideas to overcome many of the barriers.

The total cost of the Town House project was $678,000, of which $62,000 and $78,373 were deposited in sub-bids for HVAC and electrical, respectively.

Since the project began on Nov. 16, 24 potential change orders have been drafted, with nine approved for $35,000. Hodges said she expects the final cost of the change orders to be $100,000.

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“Some of the ones that were offered were either rejected outright by the city because we don’t think they were needed,” Hodges said, “or Ryan and I worked with the contractor and the architects to be able to do the sort to change the scope a bit.

The renovation was expected to take 174 days without a change order.

Final inspections are now scheduled around June 18. Thereafter, there would be a final cleanup and a finalization date around July 15, if there are no other change orders or conditions to be found.

“I know it sounds like a pipe dream, but we literally went through the whole ceiling, the floor, all the walls, the whole demolition is done,” Hodges said. “So the ability to be able to put things back in place and get the finished job done is really going to start in earnest right now.”

She said she didn’t expect more surprises than have already been found.

According to City Manager Stephen Crane, due to some of the design changes, everyone’s location will need to be reassessed with the possibility of office realignment.

“One of the positive things we’ve learned during COVID-19 is that people can work quite well from other locations,” he said. “We will definitely say more about that as we get closer to its reopening.”

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