Couple share finds from renovation of their 1907 home, including old Christmas presents


A couple have revealed the treasures they discovered while slowly renovating their Edwardian home.

They share the transformation on their aptly named TikTok account, called Edwardian Renovation, which reveals the house was built in 1907.

The semi-detached property is in Nottingham, UK, and was in such poor condition that it once appeared on a 2006 TV show, titled How clean is your houseshowing most of it covered in grime.

Now it has new owners, who are determined to restore the three-bedroom home to its former glory.

While the previous owners, Margaret and James Holland, removed most of their furniture, they left a few antique pieces behind.

The owners have shared videos showing an old piano, an Aga cooker, a desk, a chest of drawers and a chandelier, apparently dating back several generations.

And as they explored further, they found an old chest in the attic that hadn’t been touched in decades.

They said: “Today we continued to explore the loft, we couldn’t believe what we found this time. We found an old case in the loft of our Edwardian home. Full of poetry and china Here are some of our favorite rooms cleaned up top.”

After scrubbing the dishes, they showed it off in all its glory, revealing blue jugs and plates decorated with lemons.

The diary it was wrapped in was dated March 3, 1984, indicating it had been in the attic for decades.

And one of the crumbling outbuildings housed a full set of china, which the new owner lovingly cleaned.

But it’s not the house’s oldest find. They discovered photo albums, books, watches and other journals under the tattered carpet, including a copy of The Sunday Times.

“Things we found while renovating the living room of our Edwardian home,” they captioned a video, shared last Wednesday.

They filmed a selection of books, including one titled Our feathered friendsand another title A long time ago, simple stories from the history of our countryfrom the publisher Oliver & Boyd.

Another, called Aquatic Heroes and Babiesby Charles Kingsley, seems like a long-forgotten Christmas present.

The owner opened the cover and shared an inscription inside, which indicates that it was given as a festive gift in 1949, by a boy named Chris.

They also found numerous vintage photographs, which they shared in other videos, captioned: “Some of the photos we found while renovating our Edwardian home.”

Black and white snaps show Widemouth Beach in the UK, along with dogs, happy family gatherings and dancing from the 1950s and 1960s, all lovingly put into one scrapbook.

As they continued the renovation, they dug into a neglected cupboard, saying, “What we found while cleaning out the cubbyhole in our Edwardian home. We saw something metal in the back corner. An old fire bucket / coal and utensils What was this small and why would it have a curved bottom?

“When we started renovating the fireplace in the living room of our Edwardian home, we noticed that the tiles in our fireplace matched the quarry tiles in the kitchen and dining room, so we carefully removed them and plan to have them replaced. use either for the dining room fireplace or the floor of the laundry room extension. Lots of cleaning is needed!”

Some other videos they shared revealed the realities of transforming a vintage home, as they said: “Original 1907 windows with wonky glass. I love our renovation but, canvas prints spiders, an overgrown garden, dust, litter, more dirt, more litter, stripping wallpaper.”

The videos have amassed thousands of views as the pair have confirmed they are trying to keep some of the original features.

Old furniture was in storage awaiting refurbishment, while some people suggested framing newspaper clippings.

Commenting on the various finds, Candacedarnell1 wrote: “These books and journal are excellent finds.

Raymond Sanders said, “Omg it’s like a time capsule.”

Laura thought, “I like things like that, things that show people who were there before us.

While Cloaylward added, “Love these kinds of finds! Just awesome.”

Newsweek has contacted Edwardian Renovation for comment.

A photo of the Edwardian house when it appeared on the UK TV show ‘How Clean Is Your House’. A couple shares the incredible discoveries they made inside the 1907 home.
How clean is your house

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