Davenport nonprofit completes home renovations and aims to continue


Rejuvenate Housing closed its first restored property on Thursday with help from Quad Cities Bank and Trust.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Established in 2021, the Davenport-based nonprofit Rejuvenate Housing aims to redevelop older neighborhoods by creating affordable housing opportunities within those communities.

“Our goal is to acquire homes that are condemned or abandoned and fix them with the help of Quad Cities Bank, and find families to move into the neighborhood. And I really think that will help revitalize the game. Davenport Central. And that’s our goal,” said Rejuvenate Housing Treasurer Ed Windborn.

On Thursday, June 7, the organization closed its first restored property on West 14th Street in Davenport. The nonprofit was joined by Quad Cities Bank and Trust, which donated $25,000 towards the project’s home renovation.

“We are delighted that this project is complete and has been sold and that closing will take place here in the future,” said a representative from Quad Cities Bank and Trust. “Rejuvenate also has similar projects and neighborhoods and the Quad Cities. We are proud, as a community bank, to partner with Rejuvenate, and others like it to stabilize neighborhoods and open access to affordable housing, and make living a viable life here at the Quad Cities.”

But Windborn said most of the renovation money was spent on fixing the home’s structure, rather than aesthetics, such as drapes or carpeting.

“Really, the major renovations that we needed to do were structural. So a lot of them aren’t so visual. But you know, the basement needed a huge amount. And that’s one of the reasons he was sentenced because of problems in the basement,” Windborn said.

The nonprofit is set to begin renovations on a second Davenport home in August.


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