Follow these methods when building a house, you will save thousands of rupees, these tips are very helpful, know all the details

New Delhi: Building a house is a dream for everyone. Everyone wants the house to be built according to their spirit. People are also ready to spend hundreds of thousands of rupees for it. But even after spending money several times, the house does not turn out as beautiful as you think. At the same time, there is also sometimes a lack of strength in the house. Nowadays, building a house has become very expensive anyway. Building materials are getting expensive. Today we are going to give you such tips, which can save you up to thousands of rupees in building a house. With this you will save everything from rebar, cement to sand etc. It will make your house not only strong but also beautiful.

This structure is very useful
Even a simple change can sometimes save a lot of money. For example, if you want to build a simple house, you must first pay attention to its structure. Generally, people use a frame structure to build a house. But did you know that if you adopt a supporting structure instead, you can save a lot. Indeed, the use of bars is less in load-bearing structures than in frame structures.

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You can also save on
If you consider the rest of the expenses involved in building a house, it costs Rs 50,000 for tiles, Rs 40,000 for stone and Rs 25,000 for putty paint. Meanwhile, Rs 1.15 lakh will be spent on window, door, electrical and plumbing works. You can also save on these. Building toilets and bathrooms saves brick, cement and sand, while using less space. You can save by using ceramic tiles instead of marble. This way, if you look at the reduction in labor cost compared to other expenses, you can easily save more than Rs 2 lakh by adopting these tips. By adopting them, your dream house can also be ready in less than Rs 5 lakh. This way you can save hundreds of thousands of rupees.

Use fly ash bricks
If you use fly ash bricks instead of regular bricks, you will save a lot. It is cheaper than ordinary brick. Besides fly ash brick, you can substitute rosewood-teak wood with raw wood. At the same time, instead of wood, you can make a concrete frame. It will save you a lot. Fly ash bricks save Rs 4-5 per unit compared to normal bricks. In this case, the cost of the brick will be almost half. The biggest advantage of fly ash brick is that it does not require plastering. It is painted directly. In this way, the cost of plaster and labor is saved. At the same time, you can also save your money by building a square.

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understand all math
Imagine you have a 500 square foot lot. Now, if you want to build a single storey house, the average cost is Rs 1500 per square foot. In this way, it will cost Rs 7.50 lakh to build a one-story house on a 500 square foot plot in the normal way. Now let’s see how much money can be saved by changing the structure. Columns and beams are not necessary if supporting structures are used. Now it takes about 5000 bricks to build a one-story house. Buying a normal brick will cost you around 50,000 rupees. On the other hand, if you use fly ash bricks, 25,000 rupees will be spent. This will also save sand on the bars. If the cost of sand reaches 75,000 rupees in a normal brick, it will be 50,000 rupees, i.e. you will save 25,000 rupees even on this point.

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