Home renovation: dream bathroom – how one couple saved £1,300


Emma and Jack lead Renovating the Broadway, where they give fans a peek into renovating their 1930s tractor-trailer. They detail their DIY exploits, as well as their kitchen extension.

Emma said: “All these things I bought on eBay.

“The shower, tub faucet, everything matte black is from eBay for about half the price of a normal store.

“The whole suite was supposed to be around £4,500 and I got it for £2,000.

“But with eBay stores, it takes a long time for it to ship from China.”

She advised renovators to “shop around”.

“Amazon and eBay have really really cheap fixtures and fittings. My sink was from Amazon.”

When asked what the best deal in the house has been so far, Emma replied: “It will be the bathroom, absolutely, buying everything on eBay. Definitely, hands down.”

Renovating can be very expensive. Another couple told Express.co.uk how they managed to create a £60,000 home renovation on the cheap without taking out a loan.

Liv Madeline and her partner are renovating their Zone 4 flat in London on a tight budget.

The couple first approached professionals but soon realized the costs would be enormous.

Liv said: “We kind of did things on a monthly basis.

“We saved a lot of money doing it ourselves, but I couldn’t tell you exactly how much we saved, but we didn’t pay anything near the 50-60,000,000 that we were originally quoted, far of the.”


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