Home renovation in the UK: how much money can you save?


Home improvement projects have remained popular during these difficult times. They have withstood the difficult economic upheavals of the past two years. Whether you are looking to sell your property or increase its value, renovation is a smart choice.

Contrary to popular belief, renovation doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make improvements at a lower cost while increasing the value of your home. Here are some money-saving tips:

Give a facelift

A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference in your home. The cost is not high but the new paint instantly improves the appearance. Painting the exterior alone will cost less.

The cost of painting a three bedroom house ranges from £850 to £1,500. You may have to pay more if there is scaffolding and other additional masonry or painting.

Bathroom renovation

Renovate bathrooms in london is an expensive affair, but with sites like Letta London, you can cut costs. The luxury bathroom store offers affordable deals on all essential bathroom products.

The cost of renovation is high when a bathroom has to be moved. Reorganizing electrical wiring, plumbing and drains is more of a move. You can reduce the cost by choosing the appropriate builders. Building a stud wall with a door can cost around £800.

Boiler upgrade

Making decoration improvements is the common home improvement job. But some upgrades cost less and still add value to your home. A boiler upgrade is one such project. By spending around £2,500 on a new boiler, the value of your home can increase by £9,000.

According to real estate experts, such upgrades will give you good returns if you want to sell. Potential buyers will know that the property is well maintained. Plus, upgrading can reduce energy costs and save money in the long run.

Minimize lighting expenses

Home renovation in the UK: how much money can you save?

Proper lighting and ventilation add value to a property. They make the space bigger and more attractive. A potential buyer will find the house worth investing in. Among the various improvements, the addition of lighting to the property creates the most impact.

Adding windows that span the full height of a room or installing skylights will increase lighting. You can expect to spend £450/m² for the base model skylight.

The cost can go up to £2,500/m² for larger electronic models. A popular skylight addition to homes is to install it above the shower in a loft conversion model. For full height windows the cost ranges from £700 to £2500/m².

Pay in cash

A renovation mortgage costs more than a regular mortgage. It is wise to pay cash for a renovation project. You can save money on interest when you take out a loan or pay it off with your credit card. If you intend to sell the property after renovation, taking out a loan is a financially sound choice. But paying cash is the good way to save cost.

smart home renovation

Adding smart home gadgets to your property is a great way to increase its value. Some popular additions among UK residents are wireless security cameras, Bluetooth speakers, sensor lights, and more. Additions make your home modern and highly functional.

Smart gadgets are not sought only for the convenience they offer. They can also save you money. With smart heaters and lights, you can save energy.

One way to make additions increase the value of the home is to add them when planning your renovations. This will help reduce the cost of their subsequent installation. For example, built-in outlets for Ethernet or the placement of wall studs for lighting should be included in the planning to reduce costs.

The cost of adding sensors, cameras and lighting can be done by spending a minimum of £100. But a smart home security setup will be expensive and will start from £400.

Think DIY

An effective way to minimize costs is to do it yourself. You can get help from online guides for installing drywall or tile if you are skilled enough. But other odd jobs are present which can reduce the cost.

You can prep the walls before the paint crew arrives. Preparation saves an hour or more of crew work, which helps you reduce the amount you pay workers.

Home renovation in the UK: how much money can you save?

Final Thoughts

By using smart and easy upgrades, it’s possible to renovate your home without breaking your budget. As our experts explain, there are several things you can do to reduce renovation costs without compromising the quality of the work.

Reusing materials, balancing low-end and high-end building materials, and hiring professional assistance are ways that can further limit the amount you spend. When you can avoid major renovations like removing or adding a wall, or installing bathtubs and sinks, you can cut costs.


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