Home renovation: Stunning update to £60,000 property in former council house in London


Liv Madeline and her partner are renovating their Zone 4 apartment in London on a tight budget. The pair pulled off a renovation that reportedly cost up to £60,000.

The midwife documents the renovation of her two-bedroom, two-storey property with a garden on her Instagram account and on Youtube where she posts DIY ideas.

The couple found the council’s old flat thanks to Liv’s partner, who works as an estate agent.

The pair paid just £295,000 for the property, a relative steal compared to house prices in the North London area.

Liv told Express.co.uk: “The price was really the reason we bought it. We knew we would never find anything like it in London for that amount.”

However, the 50’s apartment was last renovated in the 80’s and needed a lot of work.

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Liv said: “We interviewed a number of entrepreneurs who took them around the house, from businesses to individuals, we got all the numbers.

“Afterwards, we sat there and we were like we weren’t going to be able to afford it, mostly because of our age and everything, and because we put in a bigger deposit.

“We bet 20% instead of 10%, so there was just no money.

“We came to the conclusion that we were going to have to do 60% of the work on our own. To be honest, we pretty much did everything we could on our own before the professionals needed to step in, such as electricity, plumbing, etc.”

The couple thus saved a colossal sum and avoided taking out a loan.

The couple were quoted between £50,000 and £60,000 for the job they managed to do on their own, despite being absolute beginners.

Liv said: “We kind of did things on a monthly basis.

“We saved a lot of money doing it ourselves, but I couldn’t tell you exactly how much we saved, but we didn’t pay anything near the $50-60,000 we were originally quoted, far of the.

“One thing most people tend to do, once they’ve bought a property, they bring in project managers and then they tend to apply for a loan, but we really didn’t want to do that.

“The mortgage is a debt in itself, we didn’t want to add another stress on our shoulders.

“We decided to do it on a monthly basis. It was just our monthly income, we put some aside for ourselves and everything else went towards the apartment.”

Liv also detailed how she created DIY alcoves on a budget in her home.

Liv worked with a plasterer to create the look she wanted, with a central fireplace and cupboards and shelves built into the space on either side.


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