House building in Kilkenny ‘held back’ by soaring building costs


The cost of local construction is an issue that “needs to be addressed,” according to Councilor Martin Brett.

Cllr Brett raised the issue at this week’s meeting of Kilkenny County Council following a presentation to elected members on local housing.

“There are locals who have been granted planning permission to build homes but are choosing to hold back due to rising construction costs,” Cllr Brett said.

“At the same time the cost of renting is rising and rental accommodation here in Kilkenny is as scarce as hen’s teeth.”

A forecast study on building material cost inflation by Construction Information Services (CIS) recently confirmed that “when construction sites reopened in July 2021, a wave of price inflation hit building materials” .

Local timber shortages, combined with manufacturing disruptions caused by Covid-19 and extreme weather, have driven some construction costs up to 60%.

One of the main aims of the government’s national ‘Housing for All’ plan was to introduce measures that would reduce construction costs and support innovation in residential construction.

With construction costs continuing to rise, there remains a deep concern here in Kilkenny that a large number of potential homes approved for construction will not be built until this issue is resolved.


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