In pictures: downtown sugar shack construction update


The transformation of downtown Sugar House is progressing. Not too long ago, the broken-down Sugarmont Apartments in the heart of the business district was the subject of a dispute with a contractor, its ramshackle dressing flapping in the wind. Now its exterior finishes are being applied.

The COVID pandemic may have slowed down, but hasn’t stopped any of these projects in and around the commercial heart of Sugar House.

Sugarmont Apartments

It wasn’t until August 2020 that this 341-unit Boulder Ventures apartment project was still on hiatus due to disputes with contractors, the stench of its neglected potty holders adorning the sidewalk as well as banners aspiring to an unlikely opening date.

The Sugarmont Apartments site as of August 2020. Photos by Luke Garrott.
Sugarmont Apartments and Wilmington Avenue from the north, December 2020. Photo by Luke Garrote.
Sugarmont Apartments of 341 units starting on McClelland Street, looking south. Photo by Luke Garrote.

Dixon Square

A 59-unit project by Lowe Property Group at 2170 S. McClelland St., Dixon Place, is also nearing completion. Here’s what it looked like in August:

Dixon Place from the NE, in August 2020. Photo by Luke Garrote.
Dixon Place, centre-left. Sugarmont Apartments, left; Liberty Crest Apartments, center-right. Photo by Luke Garrote.
The Dixon in December 2020, at the corner of Elm Ave. and McClelland St. Photo by Luke Garrote.

Sugar Alley Apartments

The 186-unit Sugar Alley development by Lowe Property Group will also house 16,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor.

The Sugar Alley construction site, nestled between Sugarmont Apartments, on the left, and The Vue. Photo by Luke Garrote.
Rendering of Sugar Alley apartments from Highland Drive and Wilmington Ave. Image courtesy of MVE Architects.

Park Avenue Development

The nine-acre Park Avenue mixed-use development on the former Shopko site is nearing completion of its final phase. The 238-unit apartment building located at 1240 E. Stringham Ave. will join the University of Utah Health Sugar House’s completed satellite medical center and a 150,000 square foot office building.

The residential building on Park Avenue is framed in the center, the office building to its left and the medical center further to the left. Photo by Luke Garrote.
U of U Sugar House Health Center in August 2020. Photo by Luke Garrote.

Sugar City Apartments

On the site of the former Snelgrove Ice Cream at 850 East 2100 South, 270 apartments are on offer.

The former Snelgrove/Nestlé site on South 21st Street, seen from the north. Image courtesy of Google Earth.
A first rendering for the Sugar Town apartments at Sugar House. The proposal would consist of 290 new apartments in one of Salt Lake City’s most urbanized neighborhoods.

Sugarmont Place Apartments

A four-story, 77-unit apartment building at 2195 South 900 East has been proposed by Harris Architecture and Spanish Fork-based developers. It’s on the NE corner of 900 East and Sugarmont Drive at S-Line Streetcar.

2185 + 2195 South 900 East, site of proposed Sugarmont Place project. Photo by Luke Garrote.
West elevation drawings for Sugarmont Place. No renders have yet been released in the city. Image courtesy of Harris Architecture.

The twenty-one

A mixed-use development by Rockworth Companies and AE Urbia Architects has cleared final design review to the City Planning Commission. Its 107 units will be located above and behind 21,000 square feet of retail space at 2100 East and 2100 South. It will replace some legacy businesses, including the Blue Plate Diner.

21st + 21st, from the southwest – Twenty Ones site. Blue Plate Diner, centre-left. Photo by Luke Withers
Rendering of The Twenty Ones, which will provide 107 units above and behind 27,000 square feet of retail space. Image courtesy of AE Urbia Architects.
The Twenty Ones site from 2100 South and Southeast. Photo by Luke Garrote.

S line events

The Brixton, at 700 East and the S-Line, was completed in late 2019 and blends seamlessly into its surroundings. Photo by Luke Garrote.
The South Parc Apartments at 2248 South 500 East were recently purchased by New York-based HICAP Management, and are currently being updated and modernized. Photo by Luke Garrote.
The South Parc apartments seen from the east. Photo by Luke Garrote.

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