Inside RTE’s Kathryn Thomas’ new home renovation as she builds a garden room


The TV presenter is busy after welcoming baby daughter Grace as she balances the construction of her new garden room which looks amazing

Kathryn Thomas gave a glimpse of her amazing new home renovation as she builds her very own garden room.

The Operation Transformation host is very busy at the moment, as she balances welcoming her new baby girl Grace and managing the transformation of her home.

She gave her followers a fun tour of the room, which is still under construction, but Kathryn has big plans for the space.

The RTE star said: “So a few of you have been asking about the garden room and how we’re doing.

“I got rid of all the guys so I could just show you five seconds. I only came here yesterday and hadn’t been in a week.”

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She added, “So the plastering is done, the light from the roof is what makes such a difference. I’m absolutely thrilled with it. It’s very exciting!”

The mother-of-two pointed to the room as she shared the furniture she’ll be adding, including a fully-equipped bathroom, a bed for guests and a gym for the fitness expert.

“Here is our toilet. Remember I said I had to have the toilet in so toilet, sink, shower.

“I said, ‘You know what, if you go get the valets, you might as well take a shower.

“I’m going to do my training here too, so kind of like a gymnasium. We’re going to put a sofa bed here or a Murphy bed, I’m not sure. It’s big enough. I am delighted.”

Kathryn explained that the hall is being built by a local company which she is delighted to support and posted what the building will look like when completed.

“@out_of_space_ltd is @beeganbuild’s new outdoor lounge business which has done amazing work for me before. It’s a family business run by a husband and wife team. Wayne and Annmarie.

“By the way, I’m happy to pay for this project and happy to support a family business. Here is the 3D drawing of our room @out_of_space_ltd. The guys will work to the specifications you want and walk you through the process. @beeganbuild”.

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