Isle of Wight Historic House Renovation Plans


Rotting floors and a collapsed staircase could be removed from Northwood House.

Work is planned to the Grade II* listed building by the Northwood House Charitable Trust to ensure there is no further deterioration to any part of the house.

Plans submitted to Isle of Wight Council by the trust indicate that the north-west part of the house, near the courtyard and main car park, has been unused and essentially derelict for at least 30 years.

They say they urgently need to replace a collapsed staircase leading to the former first-floor servants’ quarters to provide access for staff and an escape route in the event of a fire.

On the ground floor, the wooden floors and joists have rotted away, some having woodworms, compromising an emergency exit.

It is planned that the floor will be replaced.

  • You can consult the plans HERE.
  • Comments can be submitted until August 12.

The work, the trust says, is seen as essential to the continued business development and funding of the charity that supports the house and its estate.

The current Northwood House was built between 1837 and 1841, but for many years lay largely unused in an effort to host large events.

The trust took over the council house in 2010, but found itself with a significant financial burden, he says.

The work would be part of a wider program of ongoing and thorough restorations and improvements to the estate, although ensuring the house is safe and secure is the highest priority.

All work, according to the trust, will be undertaken by qualified carpenters and the work will re-establish the area as a safe and secure entrance and escape route in the event of a fire.


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