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The county has issued a stop work order to this home under construction at 5385 Lower Honoapiilani Road in Napili. The order may be lifted after building inspectors approve specific actions for the owner to take to correct the violations.

NAPILI – Napili Beach House LLC, developer of a controversial single-family residence under construction in Napili, has received a stop work order from the Maui County Department of Public Works Development Services Administration.

The order, prepared in consultation with the planning department, required all work to cease by 4 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2021 on the site at 5385 Lower Honoapiilani Road.

Building and zoning inspectors examined the project site and determined that the work deviated from the zoning requirements of the area and the maximum building area required to qualify for a Special Management Area permit exemption (SMA) at the project location.

According to Maui County Planning Director Michele McLean, an area between the first and second floors and a roof above a covered elevator machine room together make up two additional floors in the structure, which protrudes currently 35 feet tall.

Thus, the building exceeds the Napili Civic Improvement District’s building height limit of two stories in effect when the permits were approved.

Additionally, according to the county, the building likely exceeds the 7,500 square foot limit required for an SMA permit exemption for a single-family residence in the area.

The stop work order may be lifted after building inspectors from the Department of Planning and Development Services Administration approve specific actions to be taken by the owner to correct the violations.

The owner, developer Greg Brown, can also appeal by requesting a public hearing before the Maui County Board of Exemptions and Appeals.

McLean said the developer submitted a plan to comply by removing excess square footage and stories. The planning department will review the plans to determine if the developer can achieve compliance.

“If they manage to comply, the stop work order can be lifted so they can make these changes,” she noted in an email last week on Thursday, Dec. 16.

Applicant Napili Beach House LLC obtained an SMA exemption from the county to construct a new 7,483 square foot two-story single-family home with swimming pool, ground catchment and landscaping outside of the shoreline setback zone.

Residents opposed to the project say it violates Napili Bay Civic Improvement District restrictions limiting two-story structures, and the eight-bedroom luxury home under construction exceeds the 7,500-square-foot limit required for a permit exemption SMA for a single family residence in the area.

Napili resident Chris Salem, former staffer in Mayor Michael Victorino’s office and executive assistant to the Maui County Council, said the stop work order was the culmination of ten months of communications with officials. County.

He also thanked Derek Hyland, supervisor of the county building inspectors section, for his professional efforts in enforcing Maui County ordinances.

Salem commented, “Citizens’ rights to participate in the initial plan review process adopted under state environmental laws have been circumvented.”

He believes the developer’s plans “violate county code and Napili District restrictions.” By code, permits issued are invalid and should be revoked.

“County prosecutors have a duty to impose maximum fines on developer Brown and demand that the property be restored to its original condition. I presented a plan to the mayor to build a public park and toilets to turn this fertilizer into flowers.


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