McBrooms showed off an expensive home renovation before lockdown


Before moving in, the McBrooms carried out a major renovation on their property.

A Zillow listing photo shows that McBroom Mansion originally consisted of two separate large family homes.


Austin and Catherine McBroom are parents of three children and earn their living on YouTube, where they have more than 19 million subscribers. The “ACE Family” channel portrays a lavish lifestyle, including the $10.1 million mansion the McBrooms moved into in 2019 in Los Angeles.

But this way of life could be at risk. Insider reported Thursday that the McBrooms no longer own their mansion, as it has been seized. The property was returned to its lender after failing to attract bidders at an Oct. 19 foreclosure auction, according to documents reviewed by Insider.

The property was once two separate houses before the McBrooms renovated it, as Zillow shows when listing photos of the previous version of the Woodland Hills home.

They documented the construction and move in a September 2019 home tour video that has over 22 million views.

The McBrooms have not responded to Insider’s requests for comment on the status of their foreclosure and have yet to publicly address the future of their home.

Here’s a story of the McBrooms’ mansion, how it was built, and what’s inside, based on footage from the 2019 video and Insider analysis.


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