Renovation of a period house gives a nod to monolithic architecture


Monolithic architecture defines period house renovation in New Zealand

Franklin Road House in Auckland, designed by Jack McKinney Architects and Katie Lockhart Studio, is a monolithic wonder steeped in tropical modernism

An Edwardian house in the Ponsonby district of Auckland, New Zealand, has been given a 21st-century facelift with a complete overhaul and a dash of minimalism – thanks to the monolithic architecture of an extension. The residence, a family home on Franklin Road, was designed by Jack McKinney Architects and interior specialist Katie Lockhart Studio, who drew inspiration from the principles of modernist architecture, and in particular tropical modernism, for the project’s warm yet restrained interiors and the clean, minimalist outline of the new building’s exterior.

The house now features a contemporary monolithic rear extension, which illuminates the architectural rear garden, clad in light-coloured stone, but abstractly referencing the heritage architectural forms of the original house and the wider neighborhood beyond. Large glazed surfaces and openings connect the new space to the green exterior and the swimming pool of the house.

Inside, the minimalist architecture of the exterior volume is reflected in the sleek surfaces and uncluttered décor of the extension. However, it is infused with warm colors and natural materials, both in the tint and earthy treatment of the plaster, and in the dark wood species used for the carpentry and details. The new addition contains the home’s kitchen and dining area, which feature state-of-the-art Fisher & Paykel appliances, and carefully selected furnishings reminiscent of mid-century styles and color tones.

The highly designed kitchen and dining volume explores “form, light and space in a new addition whose compact nature belies its soaring volume and whose simplicity channels heightened emotional impact,” the team says. Design. The goal was a “unified experience,” says architect Jack McKinney. The architect is adept at composing homes that carry drama and character in a sophisticated, balanced way that is conducive to quiet yet memorable spaces – as with the monolithic architecture of Franklin Road. He adds: ‘[This ] the minimalist design allowed us to keep a contemplative vibe in the room. §


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