The Black House Renovation Steering Committee will meet again in December


Northwestern University has committed to renovating The Black House located at 1914 Sheridan Road. In partnership with students, alumni, University stakeholders, Moody-Nolan architects and community members, the project is moving into the design development phase after the Northwestern Board of Trustees approved the schematic design and the full renovation budget requested.

To move the project forward, the Black House Renovation Steering Committee is re-engaging the group of students, alumni, faculty, and staff this fall.

“I am excited about how all parties involved have come together to reinvent, restore and reform a black home that merges the gifts of the past, the lessons of the present and the possibilities of what is to come for black students, Northwestern faculty and staff,” said Steering Committee member Jazzy Johnson, (SOC ’13). “It’s hard to hold all the voices and stories woven into the fabric of the Black House, but I believe those who are leading this renovation process have exercised due diligence throughout the process.”

The project is rooted in a shared vision of what the Black House could be while respecting its historical significance to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the Evanston community. To learn more about the project, visit the Black House Renovation Project webpage.

“Supporting Black student satisfaction and success is an important priority for the campus. Building community, engagement and inclusion will be a permanent hallmark of Black House and Black students thriving in the space and on campus,” said Patricia Telles-Irvin, vice – President of Student Affairs. “I am grateful to all of the students, alumni, staff, faculty, community members and service providers who are working together to make this a reality. »

In the fall of 2016, the Black House Renovation Steering Committee’s responsibility was to incorporate feedback from the listening sessions, recommendations from the Black House Facilities Review Committee, and information from the group’s report work on the Black student experience, along with additional input from key stakeholders, to determine the schedule, cost, and approach for any proposed Black House renovations.

A feasibility study was completed in the summer of 2017 and shared with senior management. It received wide approval and was moved to the schematic design phase in the fall of 2017. The Black House Renovation Steering Committee is scheduled to meet during this quarter to continue planning the project. The design development phase is expected to be completed in the spring of 2019. For the full project schedule, please see the Black House Renovation Project Schedule.

Once the design development is complete, the construction schedule will be developed taking into consideration the various approvals from Northwestern and the Town of Evanston. A temporary location for the Black House will be identified and named before construction begins, and will incorporate student and community feedback.

“I look forward to completing the project for our black and African American students. Every opportunity to listen to Black students has been at the forefront of the planning process, such as polls, a portal to leave suggestions and give feedback, committee representation, and broad solicitation of input at scale charrettes. of the community,” Telles-Irvin said.

The University looks forward to continued dialogue, feedback and collaboration with our community. Campus Inclusion and Community can be contacted by email at [email protected]


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