Top 5 Coolest Minecraft House Designs (2022)


When a new player dives into Minecraft, one of the first things that comes to mind is the need for shelter before the sun goes down. Every new player wants to avoid being swarmed by hostile mobs on the first night.

While a player’s first house consists mostly of cobblestones, dirt, or wooden planks, gaining experience allows them to improve their building skills over time. This leads to the construction of some uniquely designed houses.

Reddit is one of the most active and popular social media platforms where members of the Minecraft community gather to discuss various aspects of the game like building, seeds, screenshots, updates , versions, mods, shaders, etc.

The following five builds are from a popular subreddit called r/Minecraftbuilds and depict some cool looking house builds.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author only.

Some of the best Minecraft house builds of 2022 (so far)

5) House made with new blocks

This wild looking little Minecraft mansion uses a lot of blocks that are not even in the final version of the game yet. While the base of the house is constructed using oak planks, the rest is constructed using mangrove planks, mangrove wood, and mangrove logs.

Azalea leaves can be seen as a decorative element, and mud blocks were used to make the interior walls. A tower can be seen rising from the middle, constructed using wooden planks, stripped logs, and trapdoors.

4) Group of houses

This small Minecraft settlement contains more than 10 buildings, each of which has a unique shape and size. The main blocks used in all of these builds are Birch Planks, Stripped Birch Logs, Bottom Red Bricks, Lightstone, Cobblestones, Wood Plank variants, and more.

Some buildings in the compound are in the shape of towers, while others are in the shape of a small cottage.

3) Reinforced Survival House

This simple Minecraft survival house is one of the cleanest and best looking builds out there. The symmetry is instantly noticeable, with every aspect of the construction exuding minimalism, from the clearing in which the house is built, to the garden, to the walls and the small tower on the side of the building.

The living quarters are inside a cottage-like structure that is connected to a tower made of stone bricks and blackstone. Fences can be seen around the complex and most of the structure is made of oak logs, planks and wood.

2) Fancy house

This house incorporates one of the newest ores in the game, the copper ore block. Although small in size, the building features a ton of different blocks, each contributing a different layer to the house. The base of the construction is in black stone, while the main walls are in pickled oak wood.

Oak planks can be seen here and there, contributing to the cabin feel of the build. Finally, the roof is mainly made of oxidized copper blocks and oxidized cut copper blocks, with the black stone and deep slate forming the border.

At the very top, there is a small flag made using a wooden palisade and two blocks of cut oxidized copper.

1) Complex of dynamic houses

This large construction has an abstract design. A plethora of blocks were used to construct this which makes the build quite vibrant and colorful. The main building, as seen in the middle, is made up of different variations of glazed terracotta and what appear to be the upcoming frog blocks.

An adjacent structure can be seen, which is made of red sandstone, orange wool, orange concrete, and other red/orange blocks. The base of the main building is made of Cyan Wool, Concrete Powder, Warped Logs, Warped Planks, and Prismarine.

As with every section of the build, even the exterior is color coded, as a pink colored structure can be seen on the left, made up of pink blocks like wool, concrete, mud, etc. Lanterns, glowing stone, soul lanterns, pumpkins, and banners can be considered as different forms of decoration.

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