Top 5 Minecraft House Designs to Impress Your Friends


Houses are the ultimate test of building in Minecraft. Although the construction mechanism can be used to create abstract structures or “mega constructions” like spaceships, pirate ships, cities, gigantic trees, etc., the construction of a house or a base always looks special, and it’s a build that a player is usually most proud of.

While many players build beautiful homes that resemble different architectural styles like medieval, modern, suburban, and even treehouses, others take a more abstract and creative route. Reddit has one of the best build communities for Minecraft. The five builds listed, taken from the Minecraft builds subreddit, are more than impressive.

Minecraft: 5 house designs that show depth and creativity

5) Book the house

Starting from an artistic conception, this construction consists of a house built in the form of a huge book. The cover of the book features a gigantic and well-designed Yin and Yang symbol, as well as a ton of detail.

The pages of the book are very detailed and are constructed with what appears to be white concrete. A wooden staircase can be seen leading from the open side of the book, with two more staircases on the back of the book, which can also serve as clasps.

4) Modern submerged house

Modern homes are almost always impressive. Symmetry and the use of smooth, solid blocks like concrete make modern home constructions some of the most satisfying to look at. Combining this with an underwater build results in a spectacular build, if done correctly.

This build by redditor u/yalchu_home features a small modern house completely submerged in a swamp. The only visible feature on the surface is the roof of the structure, which is covered in grass and flowers to give it an overgrown and wild look.

The interior has custom furniture designs, paintings and ornaments like turtle eggs, and more.

3) House of earth on the head of Poseidon

When a new player starts playing Minecraft, one of the first houses they are likely to build is a mud house. This redditor built a small, simple mud house with a wooden door and glass on top. However, the lower structure of the house is what makes the builds truly awesome and showcases the player’s shine.

The simple earthen house is built on top of a magnificent and gigantic player-made statue of the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon. The brilliantly sculpted statue is accompanied by Poseidon’s trident and features details such as the mythological figure’s recognizable beard and hairstyle.

2) Ore

This design depicts a giant pickaxe mining a block of what appears to be gold ore. The ore itself serves as the actual home. The pickaxe variant shown here is made of iron, and it is crafted using wooden planks, iron blocks, white wool, and black concrete.

The main house, represented by the gold ore block, is made of stone, cobblestone, andesite, yellow stained glass blocks, and gold ore blocks. A door can be seen with a small entrance in front of it.

1) Nintendo Switch House

The most creative version on this list comes from a redditor with the username u/Ayvocado. This design consists of a house built on the side of a mountain. However, this particular design has its outer layer shaped and colored exactly like a Nintendo Switch handheld gaming system.

youtube cover

The build is sure to please gamers, as the body is that of the console and the actual home appears to be inside the screen of the device. Triggers are crafted using ender chests, while buttons are crafted using Skeleton Skulls. Black wool was used as part of the console, while red and blue wool was used to make the side panels. Overall the construction is spectacular to look at.

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