Top 5 Simple Minecraft Starter House Designs (2022)


In Minecraft, the starting house is one of the most important. It’s usually never that flashy or detailed, but it has a purpose. Without it, many players would struggle at first. One of the first things most crafters undertake is to create a Starter House.

These can vary widely in design, quality, materials, etc. It’s ultimately up to the player to build the house, but there are commonalities in all starter houses. There are also standard designs that players can use.

Explore These Simple Minecraft House Designs

1) The oak and cobblestone house

Oak and cobblestone house (Image via Mojang)
Oak and cobblestone house (Image via Mojang)

It really is a classic combo in Minecraft. Oak is the most common wood and cobblestone might be the most abundant block in the game. These two are easy to collect and they don’t go badly together. The combination is basic, but it’s a simple house design. The simplest of them do not even have panes for the windows, but they work well.

2) Modern house

Extremely modern (Image via Mojang)
Extremely modern (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft isn’t a “modern” game, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a modern home. This starter design is very simple and easy to make, but it doesn’t quite match the mood of the game. These blocks might be more difficult, but wool can work and gravel, which can be made into concrete, works instead good.

3) Village house

To my fellow Minecraft nerds, I’m super proud of how this Hardcore world turned out! I am over 400 MC days and this is the village near which I spawned, where I settled and which I now call home! I just lit most of it and made a BIG wall around it! I will be building custom houses soon!

The simplest house is one that has already been built. Luckily, one of the most commonly spawned structures in Minecraft is the village. These come with ready-to-live-in houses, many of which are empty and don’t even have villagers living in them. Even if they do, it’s not difficult to move them to another bed.

4) Garden house

This house design is one of the most useful yet quite simple. A simple house may have an added porch or ceiling that serves as a truss. There, players can plant their beneficial crops.

It is also useful to have them nearby and not just next to the house. This simple design can also be beautiful, as some of the most aesthetically pleasing homes incorporate a farmhouse into their design.

5) Earth house

we met on twitter (minecraft edition) with anu’s house, an anvil, a cool wizard tower and my mud hut

A mud house is the epitome of a simple starter house. Players only need one type of block and it’s one of the most abundant in the entire game. The vast majority of Minecraft players have used this design at one time or another. It may look bad, but it works well and is easy to extend if needed. It serves its purpose well and that’s all it has to do.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author.

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