Top 5 Trendy Starter House Designs For Minecraft (2021)


From simple oak houses to fully furnished cottages, Starter Houses are a great way for Minecraft players to establish a base early in the game. They provide players with a safe place to sleep, store items, and more. again.

Starting houses usually don’t require much. With just a few materials, Minecraft players can transform an inhospitable landscape into a safe and secure base. There are even a number of templates players can model their starter homes on, many of which can be found online.

Here is a list of five awesome Minecraft starter house designs to help players get started.

Top 5 Minecraft Starter House Designs For Beginners

5) Sv Gravity’s Simple Starting House

There are two distinct levels to the design of this starter home. One is a bedroom and the other is a farm, making it a great starter home for players who want easy access to both.

The upper level can accommodate a bed and several chests, and players can access it by using a staircase conveniently located on the side of the building. The lower level has room for a small farm where players can plant crops such as wheat and potatoes. There is also a small storage space on the side, which makes it very functional.

4) ItsMarloe’s Simple Starting House

This starter house is a great choice for players who don’t have access to a lot of materials yet because it requires less of an inventory of blocks to build. Although small, this design is very efficient in the way it uses its space, and players building it should have no problem finding room for all their necessities. This starter house also reserves space for decorations, although these are entirely optional.

3) SheraNom Startup House

Players who build this starter house will find it a fun and scenic addition to their Minecraft games. The design primarily uses wood and deep slate, but players can also add floral elements to it. There is also room for several upgrades, such as a copper roof, which players can build as they progress through the game.

Overall, this is a great starter home for Minecraft players who love decorating their bases.

2) Zaypixel’s Simple Survival House

With a sprawling bedroom and basement, this starter house design has everything players need to live comfortably. It has several other useful features, including a farm, flower garden, and built-in stables for players to house their livestock. Although quite large for a starter house, this design is a great addition to any Minecraft map.

1) The starting house of Folli’s Dirt

Built almost entirely out of dirt, this starter house is an easy build for even beginner Minecraft players. It is also very practical. With a spacious interior and a watchtower, this design will fit everything players need to survive. There is even room for a farm.

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