TV architect Hugh Wallace tries to tidy up his own home renovation


He may spend his days passing judgment on other people’s properties on RTE’s hit show House of the Year, but Hugh Wallace has little time to put his own house in order. home.

The The architect and her husband, Martin Corbett, have renovated a fire-damaged city center property near Clanbrassil Street in Dublin 8, which they bought in lockdown. However, the TV star admits things are moving at a ‘snail’s pace’.

Currently renting close to home, Hugh said the project is taking longer than expected.

Hugh Wallace provided an update on the renovations he and his partner Martin are currently carrying out on their home. Photo: TEN

“I have to motivate Martin to roll up his sleeves now to go. We’ve got all our plans, we’ve done our submissions, so we’ll start working on the site in April,” he told RSVP.

Joking that Martin and fellow House Judge of the Year Amanda Bone “should live together”, Hugh explained how he and his partner “have totally different tastes”.

“We both like beautiful things, and if anything, the main difference is that I like color and Martin likes subtle whites and grays.” So what I’m looking for is a bedroom and a bathroom to express myself, and the rest of the house will be pretty quiet and relaxing,” he said.

Home of the Year judges Hugh Wallace, Sara Cosgrove and Amanda Bone. Photo: Joe McCallion

With the current season of Home of the Year currently gaining fans, Hugh announced that the new series of The Great House Revival will be another hit with viewers.

He explained: “They are going to be blown away by the effort and the sheer creativity, the emotion and the journeys of the owners, the restoration, the extraordinary properties. By the end of the day, these buildings were on the verge of collapse and were turned into large family homes.

The debate between building and restoring is one that will always captivate viewers, Hugh thinks, because there’s a lot of fun to be had in customizing different aspects of a home.

Hugh Wallace, home of the year

Hugh Wallace has teased fans of another upcoming real estate show. Photo: Joe McCallion

“At the end of the day, what they get is such a special home. You get all the grit and nut, the history and all the love. Houses like to be loved and they give so much back.

“They are so happy to be used again after decades of doing nothing. These owners took these buildings and turned them into amazing homes.

“They’ve done so much work themselves, it’s just mind-blowing,” he said.


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