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The great gift of the house

7 p.m., Channel 4

The Bafta-winning renovation series – in which two complete strangers are given a cheap house and a budget to redo it together and then sell it – returns for a third season. First, paramedic Sarah and clothing technologist Paige have just six months to spruce up a crumbling Victorian terrace in Stafford. The race is on to get it ready and profitable enough to hit the market. Luckily, real estate developer Simon O’Brien (aka Damon from Brookside) is there to offer advice and calm the nerves. Hollie Richardson

Our changing planet

7 p.m., BBC One

From growing numbers of great white sharks circling the California coast to droughts in Kenya resulting in the orphan loss of more baby elephants, this pressing two-part episode – set to return over the next seven years as part of a project dedicated – shows the very real changes that habitats are experiencing due to the climate crisis. HOUR


8 p.m., TVI

Another dark but engrossing two-hour murder mystery starring DSI Roy Grace (John Simm). This time he finds the body of a woman washed up on the beach during his morning run. The victim turns out to be wealthy socialite Katya Bishop, whose husband plays an eerily perfect grieving widower. HOUR

Mr Jack

9 p.m., BBC One

Mariana finally has Anne’s full attention now that she is settled in Lawton Hall, notably without her other half. The ex-lovers clash with both bitterness and understanding, as Mariana unloads her endless woes, from a broken heart to Charles’ misdeeds. Meanwhile, Marian visits Ann’s freezing aunt. Henry Wong

SAS: who dares wins

9 p.m., Channel 4

The addition of terrifying US Special Forces dudes proved a welcome fit to the rejuvenating formula of this magnificent military camp show in Jordan. This week: confidence. After being forced to tell which recruit they trust the least, the suitors attempt a series of tasks testing that same quality. Expect dark undercurrents on the surface. Phil Harrison

Prisoner C33

9 p.m., BBC Four

A new solo play by Stuart Patterson, directed by Trevor Nunn and starring Toby Stephens as Oscar Wilde. Reduced to a miserable shell while imprisoned in Reading Gaol, Wilde carries on a conversation with the memory of his former self, with the two Oscars jousting and cracking up to try to preserve their sanity. Jack Seale

Choice of movies

Drowning in figures, 1h30, Film4

Drowning by numbers. Photo: Film Four/Allstar

A rare screening of a black comedy from the most inventive of filmmakers, Peter Greenaway. This 1988 work is structured around a game: the numbers from one to 100 appear sequentially on the screen or on the soundtrack for you to spot. Meanwhile, three women (Joan Plowright, Juliet Stevenson and Joely Richardson), all called Cissie, plot the watery deaths of their husbands and ask coroner Madgett (Bernard Hill) to cover up the crimes. Impregnated with images of the history of art, it is a fleshy and Brechtian piece on morality, on the great funeral score of Michael Nyman. Simon Wardel

Live Sports

Women’s Super League Football Arsenal v Aston Villa 2:05 p.m., BBC One. From Meadow Park.

Premier League Football: Everton v Chelsea 2 p.m., Sky Sports main event. From Goodison Park. West Ham follow-up against Arsenal at 4 p.m.


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