WATCH: Doug Kramer gives insight into a mountaintop home renovation


Kramer team. Image: Instagram/@dougkramer

Doug Kramer and his family have found a new favorite spot in their home after a months-long renovation project in their home’s outdoor space.

Kramer previewed the upgrades to his home via his Instagram post on Wednesday, August 31. He credited the idea of ​​adding new features to the home to his wife, actress Chesca Garcia.

The family, known as Team Kramer, can now dine outside with an improved veranda as well as the pergola that covers their BBQ and outdoor seating area.

“Our [four-month] project to convert and improve our veranda and add a new pergola near our garden and even a koi pond! he said. “Such a good idea to [Chesca]! Now we have another new favorite spot!

Kramer added that the outdoor space at their home used to be their children’s playground, but he and Garcia decided to “maximize” it and give it a “more modern look.”

“So many more beautiful memories will be made here. Grateful, grateful,” he added.

Kramer Team moved at their Antipolo City home in May 2019 after his construction, which took about two years.

Meanwhile, Kramer and Garcia recently announced that they were building “another dream housefor their “passionate project of building and selling”.

The couple, who have been married since 13 years, have three children together, namely Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin.


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